tics settings":[null,""],"Show ads on the first article on your home page or at the end of every page and post. Place additional ads at the top of your site and to any widget area to increase your earnings.":[null,""],"Enable ads and display an ad below each post":[null,""],"Display an additional ad at the top of each page":[null,""],"Configure your sharing buttons":[null,""],"Connect your social media accounts":[null,""],"Connect your user account to WordPress.com to use this feature":[null,""],"Allow readers to show their appreciation of your posts by adding a like button to your content":[null,""],"Match accounts using email addresses":[null,""],"Require accounts to use WordPress.com Two-Step Authentication":[null,""],"Add to whitelist":[null,""],"You may whitelist an IP address or series of addresses preventing them from ever being blocked by Jetpack. IPv4 and IPv6 are acceptable. To specify a range, enter the low value and high value separated by a dash. Example:":[null,""],"Your site is backed up and threat-free.":[null,""],"Checking your spam protection…":[null,""],"Fetching key…":[null,""],"Your site needs an Antispam key.":[null,""],"There's a problem with your Antispam API key. {{a}}Learn more{{/a}}.":[null,""],"Your site is not protected from spam.":[null,""],"Your Antispam key is valid.":[null,""],"Your site is protected from spam.":[null,""],"Checking key…":[null,""],"Your API key":[null,""],"If you don't already have an API key, then {{a}}get your API key here{{/a}}, and you'll be guided through the process of getting one.":[null,""],"No search results found for %(term)s":[null,""],"Enter a search term to find settings or close search.":[null,""],"Connections":[null,""],"Your site is in Development Mode, so it can not be connected to WordPress.com.":[null,""],"Your site is connected to WordPress.com.":[null,""],"You are the Jetpack owner.":[null,""],"Connected as {{span}}%(username)s{{/span}}":[null,""],"View your Email Followers":[null,""],"Connect your user account to WordPress.com to view your email followers":[null,""],"Color scheme":[null,""],"Enable Markdown use for comments.":[null,""],"Updated settings.":[null,""],"Error updating settings. %(error)s":[null,""],"Regenerated Post by Email address.":[null,""],"Error regenerating Post by Email address. %(error)s":[null,""],"Updated settings. Refreshing page…":[null,""],"{{li}}The jetpack_development_mode filter is active{{/li}}":[null,""],"{{li}}The JETPACK_DEV_DEBUG constant is defined{{/li}}":[null,""],"{{li}}Your site URL lacks a dot (e.g. http://localhost){{/li}}":[null,""],"Google Analytics is a free service that complements our {{a}}built-in stats{{/a}} with different insights into your traffic. WordPress.com stats and Google Analytics use different methods to identify and track activity on your site, so they will normally show slightly different totals for your visits, views, etc.":[null,""],"Configure Google Analytics settings.":[null,""],"Image of WordPress login screen protected by Jetpack":[null,""],"Google Analytics":[null,""],"Track website statistics with Google Analytics for a deeper understanding of your website visitors and customers.":[null,""],"Configure Google Analytics":[null,""],"Activate Google Analytics":[null,""],"Upgrade Focus: VideoPress For Weddings":[null,""],"{{span}}You can now also configure related posts in the Customizer. {{ExternalLink}}Try it out!{{/ExternalLink}}{{/span}}":[null,""],"By default ads are shown at the end of every page, post, or the first article on your front page. You can also add them to the top of your site and to any widget area to increase your earnings!":[null,""],"Display an ad unit at the top of your site.":[null,""],"By activating ads, you agree to the Automattic Ads {{link}}Terms of Service{{/link}}.":[null,""],"Your server is misconfigured, which means that Jetpack Protect is unable to effectively protect your site.":[null,""],"Upgrade to a paid plan to unlock world-class security, spam protection tools, priority support, SEO and monetization tools.":[null,""],"Ads":[null,""],"Earn income by allowing Jetpack to display high quality ads (powered by WordAds).":[null,""],"Activate Ads":[null,""],"Income generation from ads":[null,""],"Premium traffic and monetization tools":[null,""],"The Jetpack Premium plan now offers you the ability to generate income from your site by showing high-quality paid ads to your visitors. Professional plan customers also benefit from SEO tools to help optimize search engine traffic.":[null,""],"We support all Jetpack users, regardless of plan. But customers on a paid subscription enjoy priority support so that security issues are identified and fixed for you as soon as possible. ":[null,""],"In \"Mobile\"":[null,""],"{{link}}Configure your Monitor notification settings on WordPress.com{{/link}}":[null,""],"View your earnings":[null,""],"Activate VideoPress":[null,""],"Upload Videos Now":[null,""],"Make sure your site is easily found on search engines with SEO tools for your content and social posts.":[null,""],"Activate this module to use the advanced SEO tools.":[null,""],"How much is your website worth?":[null,""],"For less than the price of a coffee a month you can rest easy knowing your hard work (or livelihood) is backed up.":[null,""],"Configure Site SEO":[null,""],"Activate SEO Tools":[null,""],"To get started, click on Add Media in your post editor and upload a video; we’ll take care of the rest!":[null,""],"Introducing our most affordable backups and security plan yet":[null,""],"The Personal Plan keeps your data, site, and hard work safe.":[null,""],"Your site is on the Jetpack Personal plan":[null,""],"With this plan you are provided with spam-protection, daily backups (up to 30 days), and unlimited storage.":[null,""],"With this plan you are provided with spam-protection, daily backups (up to 30 days), unlimited backup storage, security scanning, 13Gb of ad-free video hosting, income generation from ads, and priority support.":[null,""],"You get spam-protection, real-time backups (unlimited archive), unlimited backup storage, security scanning, unlimited ad-free video hosting, income generation from ads, SEO tools, and priority support.":[null,""],"Daily backup of all your site data with unlimited space and one-click restores (powered by VaultPress).":[null,""],"Daily backup of all your site data with unlimited space, one-click restores, automated security scanning, and priority support (powered by VaultPress).":[null,""],"Backups & Security Scanning":[null,""],"Real-time backup of all your site data with unlimited space, one-click restores, automated security scanning, one-click threat resolution, and priority support (powered by VaultPress).":[null,""],"13Gb of fast, optimized, and ad-free video hosting for your site (powered by VideoPress).":[null,""],"Video Hosting":[null,""],"Fast, optimized, ad-free, and unlimited video hosting for your site (powered by VideoPress).":[null,""],"SEO Tools":[null,""],"Advanced SEO tools to help your site get found when people search for relevant content.":[null,""],"Daily and on-demand security scanning":[null,""],"Real-time backups and one-click threat resolution":[null,""],"Unlimited and ad-free video hosting":[null,""],"Need more? Running a business site?":[null,""],"If your site is important to you, consider protecting and improving it with some of our advanced features: ":[null,""],"On-demand security scanning":[null,""],"Advanced SEO tools":[null,""],"Configure your SEO settings.":[null,""],"The easiest way to upload ad-free and unbranded videos to your site. You get stats on video playback and shares and the player is lightweight and responsive.":[null,""],"You are running Jetpack on a staging server.":[null,""],"More Info":[null,""],"Search your content.":[null,""],"{{a}}Manage Likes visibility from the Sharing Module Settings{{/a}}":[null,""],"Your current IP: %(ip)s":[null,""],"There are unsaved settings in this tab that will be lost if you leave it. Proceed?":[null,""],"This will reset all Jetpack options, are you sure?":[null,""],"Search for a Jetpack feature.":[null,""],"Upgrade Jetpack and our state-of-the-art security scanner will hunt out malicious files and report them immediately so that you're never unaware of what is happening on your website.":[null,""],"You can see the information about security scanning in the \"At a Glance\" section.":[null,""],"Configure your Security Scans":[null,""],"This module has no configuration options":[null,""],"Let search engines and visitors know that you are serious about your websites integrity by upgrading Jetpack. Our anti-spam tools will eliminate comment spam, protect your SEO, and make it easier for visitors to stay in touch.":[null,""],"Real-time offsite backups with automated restores deliver peace-of-mind, so you can focus on writing great content and increasing traffic while we protect every aspect of your investment. 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Error: %(error)s":[null,""],"Unlinking from WordPress.com":[null,""],"Unlinked from WordPress.com.":[null,""],"Error unlinking from WordPress.com. %(error)s":[null,""],"At A Glance":[null,""],"Clichés":[null,""],"Dashboard":[null,""],"Would you tell us why? Just {{a}}answering two simple questions{{/a}} would help us improve Jetpack.":[null,""],"Automattic's Privacy Policy":[null,""],"WordPress.com Terms of Service":[null,""],"{{a}}Turn on plugin auto updates{{/a}}":[null,""],"Plugin Updates":[null,""],"Whoops! Your Akismet key is missing or invalid. {{akismetSettings}}Go to Akismet settings to fix{{/akismetSettings}}.":[null,""],"No threats found, you're good to go!":[null,""],"{{a}}Contact Support{{/a}}":[null,""],"{{a}}View details at VaultPress.com{{/a}}":[null,""],"{{a}}Activate Monitor{{/a}} to receive notifications if your site goes down.":[null,""],"Loading…":[null,""],"Downtime Monitoring":[null,""],"{{button}}View more stats on WordPress.com {{/button}}":[null,""],"{{button}}View detailed stats{{/button}}":[null,""],"All-time comments":[null,""],"All-time views":[null,""],"Best overall day":[null,""],"Views today":[null,""],"Months":[null,""],"Weeks":[null,""],"Days":[null,""],"Something happened while loading stats. Please try again later or {{a}}view your stats now on WordPress.com{{/a}}":[null,""],"Click to view detailed stats.":[null,""],"Views: %(numberOfViews)s":[null,""],"Week of %(date)s":[null,""],"Manage security on WordPress.com":[null,""],"Skip this step":[null,""],"Skip the Jetpack Jumpstart process":[null,""],"Features can be activated or deactivated at any time.":[null,""],"Jetpack's recommended features include:":[null,""],"Activate Recommended Features":[null,""],"Quickly enhance your site by activating Jetpack's recommended features.":[null,""],"Jump Start your Site":[null,""],"Link to WordPress.com":[null,""],"Unlink me from WordPress.com":[null,""],"Join the millions of users who rely on Jetpack to enhance and secure their sites. We're passionate about WordPress and here to make your life easier.":[null,""],"Jetpack is supported by some of the most technical and passionate people in the community. 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Monitor will send you real-time alerts if your site ever goes down.":[null,""],"Track your growth":[null,""],"Use Publicize to automatically share your posts with friends, followers, and the world.":[null,""],"Drive more traffic to your site":[null,""],"There was an issue connecting your Jetpack. Please click \"Connect to WordPress.com\" again.":[null,""],"We had an issue connecting Jetpack; deactivate then reactivate the Jetpack plugin, then connect again.":[null,""],"You need to stay logged in to your WordPress blog while you authorize Jetpack.":[null,""],"{{s}}Your Jetpack has a glitch.{{/s}} We're sorry for the inconvenience. Please try again later, if the issue continues please contact support with this message: %(error_key)s":[null,""],"Disconnecting Jetpack":[null,""],"Learn more":[null,""],"Pinterest":[null,""],"Google":[null,""],"Show related content after posts":[null,""],"Use a large and visually striking layout":[null,""],"Show a \"Related\" header to more clearly separate the related section from posts":[null,""],"Related":[null,""],"Email Address":[null,"Epasta adrese"],"Media":[null,""],"Site Stats":[null,"Portāla statistika"],"Testimonials":[null,"Atsauksmes"],"Comments":[null,""],"Ignored Phrases":[null,""],"Use automatically detected language to proofread posts and pages":[null,""],"Redundant Phrases":[null,""],"Phrases to Avoid":[null,""],"Passive Voice":[null,""],"Jargon":[null,""],"Hidden Verbs":[null,""],"Double Negatives":[null,""],"Diacritical Marks":[null,""],"Complex Phrases":[null,""],"Bias Language":[null,""],"English Options":[null,""],"Proofreading":[null,""],"Connect Jetpack":[null,""],"Jetpack could not contact WordPress.com: %(error_key)s. This usually means something is incorrectly configured on your web host.":[null,""],"WordPress.com is currently having problems and is unable to fuel up your Jetpack. Please try again later.":[null,""],"{{s}}Your Jetpack has a glitch.{{/s}} Connecting this site with WordPress.com is not possible. This usually means your site is not publicly accessible (localhost).":[null,""],"Your website needs to be publicly accessible to use Jetpack: %(error_key)s":[null,""],"You have successfully disconnected Jetpack":[null,""],"Activate":[null,"Aktivizēt"],"Active":[null,"Aktīvs"],"Settings":[null,"Uzstādījumi"],"Learn More":[null,"Uzzināt vairāk"],"Disconnect Jetpack":[null,"Atslēgt Jetpack"],"Test your site’s compatibility with Jetpack.":[null,""]}{"":{"po-revision-date":"2017-01-29 03:22:02+0000","mime-version":"1.0","content-type":"text/plain; charset=UTF-8","content-transfer-encoding":"8bit","plural-forms":"nplurals=3; plural=(n%10==1 && n%100!=11 ? 0 : n%10>=2 && n%10<=4 && (n%100<10 || n%100>=20) ? 1 : 2);","x-generator":"GlotPress/2.4.0-alpha","language":"bs_BA","project-id-version":"Plugins - Jetpack by WordPress.com - Development (trunk)"},"We're here to help":[null,""],"Jetpack comes with free, basic support for all users.":[null,""],"Ask a question":[null,""],"Search our support site":[null,""],"Get a faster resolution to your support questions.":[null,""],"Host fast, high-quality, ad-free video.":[null,""],"Generate income with high-quality ads.":[null,""],"Real-time site backups and automatic threat resolution.":[null,""],"Protect against data loss, malware, and